Adu Cantik Nadya Hutagalung dan Anak, Pilih Mana?

Untuk pertama kali Nadya Hutagalung posting foto anak perempuannya di medsos.


Nadya Hutagalung/ Instagram @nadyahutagalung
Nadya Hutagalung/ Instagram @nadyahutagalung - Model Nadya Hutagalung untuk kali pertama unggah foto Nyla, anak perempuannya. Foto perdana tersebut diunggah Nadya di akun Instagramnya @nadyahutagalung.

Di foto tersebut, tampak bocah perempaun cantik mengenakan pakaian warna coklat dan sandal putih tengah bermain dengan anak anjing.

Nyla anak artis Nadya Hutagalung. [Instagram]
Nyla anak artis Nadya Hutagalung. [Instagram]

"So here it is. The first time I have publicly posted any of my children.

Over the years I have resisted because I strongly believed that my career was really nothing to do with them and that they had every right to their own privacy. Nyla has two older brothers who are both overseas and they never really expressed any interest while younger to be in the media. Nyla, on her own has decided that she wants to be in the media industry. For years now she has wanted to start her own YouTube channel and I have not agreed. My view is that if you have a clear message and a reason to be Infront of the camera then great, but if you are wanting to be infront of the camera just to be famous without a clear talent or focus and simply an agenda to be famous then it's a waste of time.

Anyway, here she is. My beautiful, loving, sensitive, animal loving, creative little human, Nyla," tulis Nadya Hutagalung di caption.

Dalam postingan sebelumnya, Nadya Hutagalung posting foto lawas dirinya saat masih bocah berambut pendek dan kulit kecoklatan.

Di caption, perempuan berdarah Batak - Australia itu menjelaskan foto masa kanak-kanak tersebut tak sengaja ditemukan saat sedang membersihkan rumah.

Foto Nadya Hutagalung saat kanak-kanak. [Instagram]
Foto Nadya Hutagalung saat kanak-kanak. [Instagram]

"In all the big house cleaning I have found some classics! This one is a passport photo from a passport that expired in 85! I started adventuring pretty young and that love of the world, it's inspiring humans and jaw dropping beauty has only grown. Everytime I learn something new, I realise just how little I already know," tulisnya.

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